An ongoing project where I am searching for Slovenian logos that feature the symbol of the highest mountain in the country — Triglav. Submissions are welcome on the Instagram profile.

A.I. Union Slogans
LED screen that plays potential future A.I. rights generated by GPT-3. Piece was a part of the on-call exhibition organized in Ljubljana by Aksioma.

A.I. Union
You are invited to the first digital congress of the Artificial Intelligence Labour Union. Join us and become a member of the first A.I. Union.

BIO26 Identity
Ljubljana design biennial identity that features infographics based on alarming stats like deforestation speed, inequality growth and more.

Matter: Troglav
The third album of Matter band is a trilogy called Troglav. Identity takes cues from Slovenian national symbols, its flag, national colours and emblem, picturing the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav.

Analysis on Radio Študent

Project Seen
"Seen" is a font that has a preloaded set of sensitive “spook words” that the NSA and other agencies are using to scan through our documents. Read more

Unfair Advantage
Series of giant lottery tickets displayed on the streets of Ljubljana, addressing the negative impacts of economic inequality.

Series of posters for band Matter. See more


A monospaced typeface which is mimicking rendering of early screens and inherited its name through this sentiment available in 5 weights.

M R A K (matter)

Poezija nastaja kot sestavljanka besed in nebesednih sporočil: črt, krogov, znakov. Kakor da besede ne bi bile dovolj za izražanje sporočila, ki je v pesmih le nakazano, skicirano.

Borders film poster

NSA writer is a Twitter bot that was posting automatically generated phrases out of NSA trigger words for two weeks in January 2014.

Templates build for Central Saint Martins’s MACD programme in order to create a modular system for presentations, asignments, reading lists and other visual material.

An insight to the future of identity design. A live graph, that is also a main visual element, changes according to the projects various members are working on. Soon more

Art collective that makes zines and sometimes installations about things. Established in Ljubljana on a cold night in 2012.

How much is your face worth?
An installation analysing facebook information to determine value that different people present to an advertising algorithm of Facebook. Soon more

Use za lajke

An exhibition exporing the rise of a new social currency. Everyone who attended the event got one page with all of his profile pictures allocated by the number of likes.
1 Like = 1 Pixel. Soon more

Random Type
Random is an eye catching expressive typeface that features six automatically shuffling alternatives, creating unique contextual combinations.

Flaviar App
Visualising taste with an illustrated flavour spiral.

A very geometric font that I made in the first year of my BA studies.

MACD degree show

Any attempt to brand work of 50 Communication Design students with a very specific theme could end up being counter productive.

Temporary Haven

An open online bookmark of keywords. It links to useful articles that were a part of my MA research about linguistic systems in a context of digital privacy.

Colory App
Unlike other complicated color apps, Colory lets you decide what color combinations go together by displaying you a random color with every click.

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